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20-Apr-19 Job search
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The country, located in West Africa and gained its independence in 1957 is center of attraction for multinational companies and students across the world. Ghana has been on the list of the top richest countries in the world and is the second largest producer of gold and cocoa in the world.


What are the most popular jobs in Ghana 2019?


The country is growing in all most each industry sector in the world. While mining is one of the major industries in the country, it has several options for native and foreign residents.


1. Automotive and Manufacturing jobs


These particular job options required proven education details and qualified training skills. According to the labor statistics survey 10-12% growth has been observed in the last 5 years of this particular job domain. Graduation level of knowledge and mechanical skills are required for top class automotive and manufacturing vacancies in Ghana.  


2. Mining and Petroleum Jobs


As discussed above, Ghana is ranking on second largest producer of gold in the world and also is in top 5 petroleum producing economies among African countries. The scope of jobs in this particular industry is comparatively safer and candidates can experience numerous options for engineering students. According to a study, Ghana has 3 billion barrels of crude oil found in late 2006. This huge availability of resources is inviting countries to do business and job seekers to work in the oil reserves.


3. Sales and Business development jobs


Sales and business development jobs are most popular due to the increase in trade. Country is expected to have growth of 24% job in sales and marketing department and 32% growth in business development. Cape coast, Kumasi and Accra are the most civilized cities which are channelizing the needs of business development.


4. Hospitality and Food jobs


Health care, Hospitality and Beverage industry in Ghana are on the list of top 5 job options for people who are looking for safe and sound career options. Industry growth is likely to see tremendous growth as expected by 2025.


5. Driving and Transportation jobs


Logistics is an important part of the country and there is high demand for job seekers in Accra, Kumasi and in other coastal regions. Demand of this profession is increasing every fiscal year due to high trade of commerce between the companies.


Some best options to build globally recognized career in Ghana?


People looking to study in the country have great options to go for and we have come up with the top 5 universities in Ghana which can help you to learn different courses.


1. University of Ghana, Accra


One of the largest and oldest universities in the country, founded in 1948 and is affiliated with a college from the University of London. It is the center of attraction for several people around the globe who are looking to learn a variety of courses in Ghana.

2. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi


This university was Founded in 1952 and have more than 48,000 students is located in Kumasi, Ashanti Region of Ghana is having one 7 square miles big campus States its motto as “The Knot of wisdom is united by the wise” and it offers courses majorly in Science and technology field.


3. Ashesi University, Accra


Ashesi named after a term “Beginning”, Recognized as one of the finest universities in Ghana, currently educating students under the presidency of Mr. Patrick G. Awuah. The university was founded in 2002 after helping thousands of students to peruse a variety of courses in different streams.  


4. University of Cape Town, Accra


This particular university has more than 200 programs, well-accomplished lectures, best infrastructure, qualified professors, and modern facilities and much more to offer. Founded in 1962 and running successfully under the guidance of a successful businessman and board of member in Vodafone, Global Advisory Council of the Bank of America i.e. Sam E. Jonah.


5. Valley View University, Oyibi


This is a private university located in the greater Accra region of Ghana. The university is part of the seventh day Adventist education system helping Christian school system in the country. It was established in 1979, by Ghana union conference.


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