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By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to assure and otherwise hold harmless disclosure to the company directors, officers, employers, agents, subsidiaries, sponsors and other partners from any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages arising out of relating or resulting from your use of the services through africaonjobs.com


The company(s) here is “AfricaOnJobs” referring to its divisions including but not limited to only www.AfricaOnJobs.com. The company may expand, acquire or merge new ventures without prior notice to its registered and non-registered users.


The company is providing 90 days of free subscription to its first-time users and prior to that service costs will be included as per the needs of the user.


The term “authorized users” is related to registered employers and candidates. The website holds its right to monitor and control the accounts of its authorized users. This helps them to reset the account in case of forget password.


AfricaOnJobs does not share the identifiable data of its users to any individual or organization without getting permission. The company is bound to share all such information in response to any legal process. The user is not allowed to download any information from the website for any commercial activity. Content modification or material distribution in this regard can be objectionable in this regard. AfricaOnJobs focuses majorly over African countries and, regardless of where you use or access our Platforms, your information may be transferred to our servers for further communications. You may use Do not track options from your browser in case you don’t want to share your location with our servers.


To use the complete functionality of the website the user needs to enter all relevant information for post service offerings. The information is based on personal and professional records and further can be used for job seeker registration. The information (including CV) provided by the user can be used for the purpose of job application procession. Company, recruiter or employer may also directly contact the job seeker for recruitment considerations. We are working as an online recruitment platform where the job seeker and companies can view each other's information on our website. AfricaOnJobs stores email addresses for further communication with the client.


AfricaOnJobs is based on the latest software technology and may need timely maintenance to offer enhanced service experience to online users. During any technical updates the site will inform the user with a display message on their respective screens.


In case of any misuse of the services, information or the website offered by the company, AfricaOnJobs reserve its rights to take action including permanently terminating the user's account without any prior notice. The company can also inform legal authorities in cases related to breaching the guidelines offered by the company. AfricaOnJobs is not liable for loss or damage sustained by any of the information provided by other users. AOJ excludes itself regarding monetary transactions between the two users of the website. We shall not be liable for any verification process or not any error provided by the users.


The company can introduce new policies and can also change the existing ones without informing the users. The company reserves its right to bring these kind of changes which are in favor of AfricaOnJobs.com. If we do so then we will update the related information accordingly. We would appreciate if you could review the content related to privacy policy whenever you access this recruitment portal.


AfricaOnJobs shall display the information in the context of job offers in the Hot Vacancies & other classified sections of the website. The classified section of Africaonjobs.com is for a fixed time interval during which period is subject to change without notice. AfricaOnJobs reserves its right to reject information/data provided by the subscriber without providing any reason either before uploading or after uploading the vacancy details. AfricaOnJobs has the right to make all such modifications/editing of the vacancy details in order to fit its database. AfricaOnJobs offers neither guarantee nor warranties that there would be a satisfactory response or any at all response once the job is put on display.


Right to Cancel/Delete, AfricaOnJobs reserves all the rights to delete or cancel the user account. This action is based on management decision based on breach of terms and conditions usage. The company is not answerable to any of its users on such decisions.<

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