Top 11 Powerful tips to get job in Nigeria

29-Jan-19 Job search
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Ramposa freshly graduated from Abuja University is looking for a job in Nigeria and Chioma, a working professional in Supply chain management is looking for a job change in Abuja city. They both have skills but are not able to kick start their job search.


Well AfricaOnJobs has recently conducted a survey in major cities of Nigeria including Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Kano and Calabar. We have come up with the top 11 tips which can be important to get placement in Nigerias top rank companies.


1.     Apply “A Lot” that interests you

Job search is not an easy task as A lot of other candidates may be fighting for the same work profile that you are interested in it. The best way to become successful is to increase Your options. Apply to the job opportunities which have at least two skills of your interest. In this way you get a good amount of exposure of getting Shortlist


2.     Modify your resume every time

This is true fact that every job is different from the previous one and in order to impress your interviewer you need to modify the content, style and format of your resume. This is not only brings newness to your CV but also gives you confidence. At the times of interview just try to keep track of which CV you have sent to which company.


3.     Apply before completion of graduation

Many grad students wait until their course is complete. As job search could be a long task it is advised that you can start applying for a job a few weeks prior to your course completion. Most companies understand the situation and can wait until you complete your pending tasks.



4.     Find a suitable medium for online job search

Around 80% of job offers does not reach the potential job seeker, this is important for the employers and employees to choose the best online medium of job search. Students and Professional employees can register themselves at This top search job portal has the latest hot job offers and internship opportunities which is minimizing the bridge between top companies and job seekers.


5.     Taking help from social media

Social media can be used more than chatting and watching videos. This wide spread network can help you getting a job in Lagos, Abuja or any other Nigerian city. Try to search pages, companies and recruiters over the platform and inquire them accordingly.


6.     Visit the school career website and department

School placement cells can also help with the latest job offers. There are chances that companies are approaching schools and colleges to hire some talented students.


7.      Carefully Read the job description

Before applying for any job read the given description, job location, company name and try to get all possible information. This can have various advantages for future interview rounds.


8.     Remove errors from your resume

No HR would like to see any error in your resume and if they figure it out then your chances of getting selected becomes low. Try to keep your text and content errors and spelling mistakes free. For that you need to proof read your resume before finalizing it.


9.     Try to attend each phone call

When you are an active job seeker then you must understand the next unknown caller could be your new hiring manager. Try to keep your phone available during office hours and If you are not able to receive it at that moment, keep a note of it and call back when you are free.


10.     Practice before the actual interview

The most important tip, Practice your interview meeting in front of mirror and also if possible do it with friends. The reason behind this is to gain confidence and when you finally appear for the final interview day, you probably know what and how much to answer for a particular question.


11.     Do apply for paid or Free Internship

This is important, many times we are not able to get big opportunities but have a good amount of options for summer internships. Students can start their career in Nigeria with the help of these internship programs. These programs add experience and professionalism to your Career Personality


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