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04-Jan-20 Job search
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If you want an engineering job, mechanic job, helper, IT professional or marketing executive. Job boards may the best place for you to check out the latest jobs in Africa. There are many job posting  portals in Africa which keep on advertising the latest jobs across the countries in Africa. Even there are a lot of recruitment agencies whose main source of earning depends upon job fixtures and candidates’ selection.


These recruitment agencies also prefer multiple job boards as the main source of candidate database. There are many languages spoken in Africa. Hence, these job boards also localize their pages in languages like French and Portuguese to attract people from every demography.


There are a plethora of companies from across different industries that use these job portals in Africa. Companies come from the mining sector, oil and gas, financial companies, construction companies, language training firms. Even companies from gulf also post a job on these job portals to get the manpower they need to the employee. There are all kinds of jobs being posted on these job portals which range from temporary or contract jobs to long term / permanent positions in office.


Governments of all African countries should look forward to imparting skill training and quality education to its growing population and children. A large percentage of people in African countries end up getting laborious jobs. The majority of Africa countries are suffering from poverty. Children are dying daily due to malnutrition.


Unfortunately, governments of these countries aim at providing adequate food to its population first. Hence, skill training and education take a back seat. But there is an encouraging trend where governments of African countries are realizing the need and importance to give quality education to their young population for a better future of their country.


Subsequently, there is a huge in the pays of various jobs across Africa. The pay also varies according to the locations and cities. The major metro cities of countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, etc are paying decently to their office workers which include engineers, IT professionals, etc. 


Any person or applicant in Africa can upload his resume on these job portals. They can also directly apply for jobs which matches their educations and past experience. But candidates are advised not to pay in advance for any job promise that these portals or agencies may make for getting a job. Professional companies do not charge any fees for giving you a job.






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