Health & Safety Officer

Health & Safety Officer

Job Description

Advise, inform and ensure the use of PPEs, storage, transport and disposal of biological
substances, including appropriate equipment, facilities and best practices to prevent
exposure to any harmful biological material and ensure appropriate containment.
? Assist in local induction of new staff with regards to health and Biosafety within the
company environment.
? Monitor the need, and advise staff of availability and procedures for protection against
potential biohazards.
? Serve as a local source of expertise to the company regarding Biosafety.
? Monitor local area compliance with biosafety and requirements concerning the use and
disposal of hazardous biological materials including pesticides and pesticide waste
? Review biosafety aspects of projects and provide advice/assistance on document
? Develop and implement emergency response procedures for incidents involving
biohazardous agents and materials including spillage.
? Participate in workplace inspections of facilities for compliance with regulations and
guidelines about the use, handling, and disposal of potential biohazards.
? Respond to and investigate all biosafety incidents occurring within the department,
company and develop corrective action plans and ensure their implementation.
? Ensure that all risk prevention and environmental compliance measures are fully
implemented and work closely with the project environmental compliance staff
? Report any breach of compliance with the Management of the Company
? Prepare monthly and periodic reports related to job function.
? Perform any other duty(s) assigned by a Superior Officer.

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Role Category: Others

Employment Type: Full time


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