Technical Sales Assistant

Technical Sales Assistant

Job Description

  • Take charge of advertising of latest and present merchandise amongst growers in a designated location.
  • Design and enforce an effective advertising and marketing method of new and current agency merchandise.
  • Popularize usage of corporation products thru on-farm trials, training and follow up at farm level.
  • Maintain normal contact and right rapport with growers to make certain usage of business enterprise products.
  • Assist the credit supervisor with debt series and borrowers’ control within the specific location.
  • In liaison with management, vet new and evaluation current clients for credit worthiness.
  • Attend and help in organizing applicable advertising and marketing sports in designated area.
  • Respond to customers’ inquiries and complaints promptly.
  • Carry out market and competition intelligence within the location of operation.
  • Foster appropriate and reliable enterprise dating with growers in an effort to comfortable ordinary business.
  • Mount an competitive advertising campaign on new and existing merchandise among growers
  • Recruit, manage and preserve new and existing organisation customers for you to preserve and grow organisation commercial enterprise in horticulture.

Company Profile:

Salary: Not disclosed

Industry: Agriculture / Dairy

Functional Area: Cold Calling / Client Servicing

Role Category: construction supervisor

Employment Type: Full time


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