Job Description


 Location:                  GHANA( Accra)


Responsible for the leadership and execution of strategy for the waste management Division to synergise the work done by subsidiary companies in waste collection and waste processing clusters within the company, to provide optimal operational efficiency and profitability.


REPORTS TO: Group Board; Chief Executive Officer (Dotted Line)


Key Responsibilities

Strategy & Policy Development

·        Set the agenda and direction for the development of the Group’s corporate strategy and overall commercial objectives for approval by the Board in consultation with the respective Heads of Subsidiary companies.

·        Oversee the functioning of the Group, provide guidance to subsidiary companies and create synergies to help consolidate the functioning of the subsidiary companies.

·        Monitor the operational performance of Subsidiaries within the Group to ensure compliance with approved business strategies, policies and procedures.

·        Explore on investment and new business opportunities available to Subsidiaries in the Group.

·        Provide guidance in the preparation of periodic action plans.

·        Develop systems to monitor and evaluate strategic business plans of the subsidiary companies to ensure alignment with and achievement of corporate goals.

·        Maintain strategic partnerships with potential business investors (local and international) for the Group’s businesses.

·        Initiate the review/update of existing corporate strategies and policies to adapt to new trends in environment and sanitation

·        Ensure that the regulatory framework and policies are compliant with, where appropriate.


Operational Planning & Management

·        Oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of programmes and services and monitor to ensure improvement in operational quality.

·        Identify and evaluate the risks to the Group’s operations, clients, staff, property, finances, goodwill and image and implement measures to control risks. 

Budgeting and Financial Management

·        Direct the preparation of the annual operating budget and submit to the Board of Directors for approval and monitor the operating/financial results against plans and budgets.

·        Monitor to ensure the successful execution of approved finance and investment strategies within the sector.

·        Monitor to ensure that the Group complies with all legislation covering taxation and withholding payments.

·        Coordinate all internal and external audit programmes of the Group and follow-up to ensure that audit queries are handled expeditiously.

·        Analyse the financial performance of the various Subsidiaries and make recommendations to the Group Board as appropriate.

Business Development Initiatives


·         Provide supervision and advice on business development initiatives; ensuring the growth and viability of the Sector’s potential/existing projects and businesses in line with the Group’s long term business strategy.

·         Act as key advisor on critical changes in the competitive landscape, global marketplace and external business environment.

 Business Performance Monitoring & Evaluation

  Monitor Subsidiaries performance against approved performance goals to ensure achievement of key performance indicators

·        Monitor to ensure that the Group conducts all of its business activities in compliance with legal, regulatory/company policy, controls and standards.

·        Monitor to ensure protection of the Group’s brand and promote the corporate culture and core values.

·        Analyse business performance reports submitted by the subsidiary companies for Management/ Board decision making.

·        Monitor to ensure that the Group complies with the subsidiary board’s approved policies and procedures including directives for achievement of corporate goals.

Stakeholder Relations & Management

·        Establish and maintain professional relationships and liaise closely with policy makers and relevant stakeholders to explore business opportunities and advise the Board as appropriate.

·        Forge/facilitate the development of strategic partnerships with potential business investors (local and international) for the Group’s businesses.

Information & Reporting

·        Review and analyse on periodic basis, business plans, activities, benchmarks, operating targets and results through consultation with executives of the Group to ensure that corporate objectives and targets are met.

·        Provide the Board with comprehensive, regular periodic reports on revenues and expenditures of the Group.

·         Lead the negotiations for the award of business contracts after the prior notification and consent of the Board.

·        Provide accurate timely and clear information on the subsidiary companies’ performance, challenges, opportunities to enable the Board make sound decisions.

·        Prepare and submit periodic reports on the operations of the Group, including consolidated reports (s) of the Subsidiaries to the Board and the company.

Employee Performance & Development

·        Responsible for ensuring optimum utilization of the Group workforce for operational efficiency and effectiveness.

·        Implement and monitor the Group-approved performance management system in all subsidiary companies.


·        Influence development and ensure the competent leadership is in place to drive and achieve organizational excellence across the Group.


·        Monitor to ensure that the development needs of Senior Management staff are identified and met in compliance with the Group’s Learning & Development plan/ program.


·        Ensure that the Leadership team models a culture of excellence at all levels, influencing the corporate culture, through their positive leadership behaviours.


·        Lead and maintain discipline to ensure a harmonious and conducive working environment and relationships.






·        Masters Degree in Civil Engineering/ Environmental Science / Public Health, Business Administration or related Field Membership of a recognized professional body will be a plus.



·        Not less than twenty (20) years relevant post qualification experience in assigned field with ten (10) years in a senior management role.

·        Experience in having run a Group of sizable companies in various industries either in an MNC or local (non-MNC) set up to ensure the richness of the experience and the ability to flex to the wide divide in expectations.


Technical Competencies

·        Environment Science & Sanitation

·        Understanding of relevant legislative environment

·        Project Management

·        Business Management

·        Financial Skills

Core Competencies

·        Transformational leadership and coaching

·        Critical thinking and decision making

·        Relationship management

·        Organisational effectiveness

·        Effective communication

·        Negotiation and conflict management skills

·        Acute business acumen

·        Strategic management

·        Ability to drive change management initiatives


Additional Skills:

·        Ability to present practical solutions to competing priorities,

·        Having the headroom to present clear operational goals despite unexpected strategic shifts,

·        Tenacity to transform the performance culture of the Group.

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Company Profile:

Salary: Not disclosed

Industry: Water Sanitation and Hygiene

Functional Area: Top management

Role Category:

Employment Type: Full time


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