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Q. Why should we hire you?



The job of a HR is to hire the best candidate for the vacancy. Candidates who get pass through the interview rounds get qualified for the vacation. This is the duty of the HR to shortlist the best deserving and competitive candidate in the job market. At the time of interview be positive and try to give answer in an affirmative tone. While answering the question you have to be confident and speak only the relevant part which is best suitable to give the answer. 


New recruit could be risk for the company. The interviewer will be taking a risk by recommending the candidate to the employer to hire. When the candidate perform extraordinarily well in the task it gives a part of surety that the candidate will be perform well in upcoming task during the interview. 


When the selected candidate does not perform well in the given task it leaves not so good impression on the interviewer. While answering this question you need to understand that you need to sell your skills 

By these steps you can convince the interviewer- 

•    You are process oriented person 

•    You can fit in any type of work situation 

•    You have good combination of skills and experience. 

•    You stand alone from the crowd and possess different set of capabilities. 

Let’s see with an example 


‘I am an experienced professional with skills and expertise of domain this job demands. I have confident personality which is an important part of client handling in the management role. It’s not only about the professional background only but I also have leadership skills and easy to connect behavior. I prefer to be more professional in terms of work and related attitude. I am passionate about high quality of work delivery” 


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