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Q. Why are you leaving your current job?



You have to neglect the negative information of your current situation and must focus on the future opportunities by staying positive. 

You can say for example 

1.    I want to explore more opportunities and the job vacancy you are offering is the best platform to do much into it. 

2.     I like to work on challenging projects and I also want to share my ideas to improve the process in best possible ways. 

3.    I am keen on getting familiar with, and this job gives a chance to use my present subject matters and increment my abilities 

4.    I appreciate filling in as a major aspect of a group and am searching for a chance to deal with a fascinating undertaking. This activity is a piece of a group chipping away at an intriguing venture, and I would love to participate in this work. 


Your attention here is on (something that you like), and I truly appreciate doing (whatever that is). Along these lines, I hope to expand my pleasure in my work when I am ready to concentrate more on (that part of the activity). 

You can exhibit your enthusiasm for this new boss by saying: 

1.    I've appreciated working with an extraordinary gathering of individuals at my present boss, yet this open door in this organization fits great with the heading I need to take my profession. 

2.    I've taken in a lot in my present place of employment; however I'm keen on working at [name of employer] dependent on the incredible things I have found out about this association. 


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