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Q. Where do you see yourself in five years?



With this question the HR wants to know about your long term goals And sometime they relate it with the thinking level and retention of the candidate. For example, if you’re interviewing for Financial associate role and eventually you would see yourself in a management position in coming time or may be above the managerial level on the same time if you are interviewing for a sales role then you must change the answer. 


They may also ask this question to check whether you are fit for the position or not.  


Some of the employers are simply curious about the interest of the candidates. They may evaluate you on the basis of leadership qualities, management roles, or in certain topic. This gives a clear idea about the interest for the short and long term goals. A positive answer to the question help to sense the ambition and other psychological thinking level of the interviewee. 


There is scope of continuous learning and growth and with time it must increase. For many candidates there is always area of interest related to profession. It may take some years to reach to a particular designation of an expert. Try to be specific toward the answer which is absolutely acceptable and also constructive in explaining your thinking level. 


Let’ see with an example. 


“In coming five years, I would like to see myself to be an industry expert with multi domain experience related to the operational field of Marketing. I would like handle a team of management professionals to help the organization in all possible way. I also like to learn and develop my skills in management background and It will be great if I can create and streamline business development strategies. And yes I want to be the part of national and international events and seminars.”


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