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Q. What do you know about the Company?



There are many things that HR will not be expecting from a good candidate when they ask you about the company. The best way to answer the question is preparation. Any lie or any make up stories can kill your chances of getting shortlisted. So try to understand about the company as much as you can, it may hardly take 5 minutes to research about them and when you finally say the things which are accurate then it will increase the chances of being into the next round. Make sure whatever you know about the company is correct. 


What interviewers don’t want to hear? 


It’s not a good idea to put forward 10 facts in which 5 are incorrect. The best practice is to walk with 2-3 facts which exactly portray the company profile. 

So the main question arises from where and what information you look for? 


The best way is to simply go through the company website and the reviews on the social media.  You can search for 


•    What is the expertise of the organization? 
•    What is the employee strength of the organization?
•    Who is the CEO of the organization?
•    Who and when the company was founded?
•    How many braches do they have?

These are just some of the questions related to the company, you can research about the strategies and the facts they are working those are just a few examples. You can research other areas of the company too. You just need a couple facts you can respond with when they ask this question.


Let’s see with an example- 


I know that your organization is one of the biggest mechanical equipment organization, and the company was founded in 2002. The company deals with heavy duty products which extensively exports to various countries of the world. As per about us page of your website the company has successfully completed years of experience in production and expected to have a new office in different European and Asian countries.


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