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Q. What are your strengths and weaknesses?



You know about your strengths and weakness better than anyone else and it can be very helpful in choosing the right job and make decisions accordingly. A set of good skills helps to work smartly and efficiently.  


When you are thinking about your strengths and weakness, you need to be well prepared and should not use the skills which are meaning less for the current job. When you are not prepared for the question then you fall into the trap of typical question and on this point of time things will start losing from your end. 


Make a set of qualities which are good and also make a list of skills in which you needs improvement. This basically supports your answer with a descriptive example.  Make sure to choose the strength 


Here are some of the examples you can check for strengths and weaknesses 


Strengths Weakness
Strategic and practical thinking Aggressive
Focused about task Strict 
Good learning Ignorant
Creative about Ideas Slow learner
Growth Mindset Impatient
Open-Minded in personal and professional life Stubborn
Inspiring and Visionary Hesitant
High Willpower Moody
Confident and motivated Fearful


Strengths and weakness are totally different from the skills you acquire. People often get confused them. For example 
Subject Knowledge, presentation skill, group discussion, communication skill etc… are totally pole apart from the strengths and when you are going to discuss about your weakness then you must choose qualities which can be improved or you are currently improving them. the reason behind this is to tell the interviewer that you are constructive about your personality. 


Let’s see with an example- 


I am honest in almost every part of my life and I feel good about it . I see myself motivated and hard working  in personal and professional life. I believe in positive attitude towards in life and this makes my life easier in terms of career, finance and relationships. I have no problem to adjust in any kind of situation. My strengths are Open-Minded and Visionary. Talking about the weakness part sometimes I am become too friendly with people around me and sometimes I feel hesitant when not able to finish a given task. 


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