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Q. Tell me about yourself?



This is one of the starting questions and almost every interview start with this. You need to be very practical while answering the question. Your answer must be in between 2-4 minutes and if require you can extend and cut short your answer. We have tried to break the question into chunks which is most importantly a good strategy to answer such question.

We have tried to break the answer into the four following points,


• Personal Information


• Educational qualification


• Family Background


• Hobbies


Lets discuss with an example


My self Rubel Jacob, I am 23 years old and currently working as a junior engineer in XYZ organization, I have completed my graduation in Mechanical Engineering from St. Francis College, South Africa. Talking about my family my father is working with immigration department of South Africa and my mother is working as a professor in State medical College. I have two siblings among which my brother is working as pilot in Air Asia and my younger sister is pursuing her graduation in Medical field.


In my free time I like to travel and cook food for my family and friends. I am also active blogger with wordpress and like to write blogs of different categories related to different domains of engineering, cooking and photography.


What not to include?


1. Do not mention the same information mentioned in the resume, it may seem like you are just explaining about your resume. It will sound monotonous and can leave no good impression over your interviewer


2. Do not rush into the detail of everything you are going to tell your interviewer


3. Avoid speaking too fast or too slow during the answer.


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