Why jobs in Africa are important for continent’s fastest-growing Economy?

10-May-19 Job search
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Africa’s economic growth is a positive indication of the growing number of jobs in Africa. It is important for countries like Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and Libya to grow in sectors which have high potential and along with can absorb the growing number of employees at a large scale. In our economy, several sectors like Mining, Agriculture, and Health care are more employees concentrated as compared to others.


At the international level, Africa is experiencing 3.7 % of additional GDP growth, total employment has grown between 0.5 and 0.78 % annually between 2003 and 2018.  


Since after 2009, African countries are trying harder to recover from the recession. Government and private companies are contributing by creating jobs in the economy which is also related to economic growth.  On the other hand, we can also see that every time a country experience growth in the economy is not singularly from job creation but factors like import-export of goods and investment in major sectors are also playing an important part in economic development.


Africa is the most promising and resourceful continent in terms of business. National and international organizations are depending on economic growth and start expanding in various new locations. This has led to an increase in the number of jobs in Africa and candidates across the world is giving it an attempt to work in the economy.


Changes in Economic Policies react quickly to Careers in Africa


When African countries experience changes in government policies, trade policies, or in bilateral policies than it directly impacts employment in Africa. This is because the job market is sensitive to investment and new business policies. Many of the time countries like South Africa change their trade deficit to boost the employment rate in the economy and on the other hand it also impacts trade between inter continent countries.


During the end of the recession-era not only it impacted the economy in backlogs but also has drastically affected the stagnant growth of the continent. Initially, there was no latest job in Africa. When companies tend to upgrade their business and workforce they have faced a decline in profits due to the scarcity of the availability of resources.


Why Has Jobs In Africa Been So Popular Until Now?


The African economy is continuously increasing at a higher pace. Companies across the world are investing in African countries in different Industry domains like Agriculture, Mining, Health care, Automation, and others. This is increasing the demand for careers in Africa and its countries. Candidates from different countries like USA, Canada, Australia, China, and India are thoroughly interested in working in the economy. In the past few years, the top 8 companies have invested billions of dollars in this fast-growing economy and forecasted maximum 200% return in the upcoming 12 years.  


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