Why executives in Africa should maintain a notebook ?

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 Students are habitual to keep a possession called notebook with them to write down information which can help them possess. Even professionals employed across various executive jobs Africa also use notebooks to record and access information for their use.


From ancient times to present day in Africa notebooks were used as important writing and reference material. Although with the extensive use of mobile phones, loaded with super features, notebook maintenance can appear to be a thing of past. But it could have a lot of benefits in achieving small accomplishments.


Few important reasons to maintain a Notebook with you:


Whenever you use a notebook to write things, it improves and accentuates your writing skills. You get to improve your vocabulary, sentence formation, and language as a whole. It could be a thing which could be helpful for various executive jobs africa


It helps with memory and spelling improvements


Almost across all job opportunities in Africa at the corporate level, one is required to work on computers, tablets, and smartphones. These are loaded with features like auto-correction, autosuggestion etc. These features make us more dependent on these gadgets for minor spelling mistakes and corrections. Therefore, we don’t use our brain to rectify our errors and spelling mistakes. As a result, we don’t improve our spelling mistakes. But with writing, we need to correct all the errors manually which leads to a better sense of word spelling.


It helps with creativity


Your mind becomes more productive when you use a pen and paper to jot down the things daily as compared to using a user-friendly computer programs.


It promotes your thinking ability


Writing on a notebook promotes your thinking ability. You get to use more parts of your brain than you normally do while writing on a computer. This will also help you to apply for job vacancies and new jobs in Africa.


Safe and easy to access


People across all executive jobs africa face a variety of problems related to computer malfunctioning like viruses, system breakdowns, etc, content theft, etc. When you write down in a personal notebook the content is easier to access and is more secure.


Increased sense of responsibility


It has been found that people who use notebooks are more responsible than people who don’t. Great scientists and researchers in the past all used Notebook maintenance which has led to great inventions.


 Fewer distractions


While writing on computers people often face distractions in the form of notifications like email or social media messages and comments. While working on Notebook one is free from such unnecessary distractions and focuses his maximum attention on the task.


New ideas


While writing a new notebook you can immediately write down any new ideas or inspiration that may appear in your mind. You don’t need to open up your computer and wait for the computer to start to write down your ideas and inspirations.


Reflection on your work


While working on executive jobs  Africa can revisit the notebook later and reflect on your works. If you are a student or a working professional, a notebook allowed you to treasure your creative work with you and re-visit it easily whenever you want.






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