What are the Basic Requirements of Maritime jobs in Uganda?

28-Feb-19 Job search
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Academic qualifications and theoretical knowledge are the basic parameters of any job but when you are interested in certain domains like maritime or port jobs in Uganda and other African countries then you must possess knowledge and some of the basic requirements which are more than important in these career positions.  

Understanding of Personal and Public Safety and Security

You must have a good understanding and relevant knowledge of marine policies, Strategies, Equipment and procedure in the context of the code of security. Many career advertisements do mention these traits to ensure the security and safety of people, data, property and themselves.

Transportation and compass reading Knowledge

This job is based on water ways, having a good understanding of modes of transport gives an additional add on in the job requirement. Many professionals understand transportation in better ways which include rail, air, and road and by sea. The basic motive of this is to minimize the cost of transportation fees by combing the best ways from source to destination.

Understanding the work place principles

While applying for the job in this career you need to have the skill of understanding with the capabilities of excellent customer service. Much of the time the job is related to the delivery of goods from the deck to a specific location, so ensuring the standards and managing the flow of the workplace the process has to be completed by the employer side.  

No Sea Sickness

This is the most basic and important part of your career in Maritime. If you cannot spend designated time on deck or are afraid of spending too much time in the sea

then you must not think about this job. These jobs require hardcore dedication and sea comfortably when it comes to working hours.

Adaptability of Geography

Several port jobs in Uganda need well versed knowledge of maps and country geography. It includes the features of land, air, people, culture, and interrelation ship related to human and animal life of the destination.

Extensive Understanding of telecommunications

You must have the knowledge of transmission, switching, and broadcasting. Operational understanding is important for sea or land based telecommunications systems. With this knowledge you can help the team on board with your skills whenever needed.

Administration and People Management

If you are targeting a higher level post like a chief engineer, sea captain or the first point of contact then it must have skills which are important in terms of people and process management.

Tough Training and High Education

It requires self-improvement and team training skills because when you are actually on operations you can encounter tough climatic or unwanted conditions to handle. Having knowledge of design, training, teaching, leadership and team management are the most specific training methods used by various employees.

Keen knowledge of Psychology

Maritime Jobs in Kampala port needs the Knowledge of human behavior which is necessary in terms of work as well as performance. Sometimes a job requires you to motivate your fellow crew members. So that, they should be able to work in differences with perfect ability and interests.

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