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12-Mar-19 Job search
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Our career growth can be measure by the promotions and the raises in our salary. Career growth can be considered as the set of opportunities we encounter and convert them into benefits with our personal and professional development. According to study professionals in Africa sooner we get used to and comfortable with our current job the slow we progress and if we take challenges every few months, the learning pace would be much higher to accomplish goals of our career planning.

Let’s have a look on top 5 strategies which are more important in growth of individuals in Job Opportunities in Africa

Be curious, but don’t be an irritable lad

How you approach position is similarly as effective as how much you work hard or what skills you have developed. We mostly search for an position outside our current organization, and when we stay there we start accusing the mangers and top management. Imagine a scenario where there's a third way. Consider the possibility to get promoted yourself into the same post you dream for. The best you can do is showing your curiosity of learning new things and challenging your capabilities regardless the designation of your post. For example if you have achieved something which can benefit the others then you must showcase your leadership qualities without offending the fellow colleagues.

Practice and host your skills

Try to have a formal 15-20 minute meeting with your HR team and top management. The point is to learn something new from everyone and also explain about your achievements. This could be tough task to gather all of them on a same time so better you can manage time for others separately. This is one of the reasonable step you can take to learn and explain skills to the concerned authorities. The basic formula of success is how bold and engaging conversation you carry in the discussion time. 

Build Networking with others

Forget that networking is boot licking or using people. It can be seen as doing some favor to others without expecting anything in return. This is one of the best way to spread your network to as many audience you want to.  People when see dishonesty it causes immediate trust breaking thing.  The best way is to create a two way communication with the fellow mates. The best you can do is ask people about their weekend plans or not to talk about the stressing topic during the week. You can also invite them over dinner or a family get- together

Don’t derail yourself by comparing with others

Comparison at workplaces gives unhealthy work environment; it can likewise be seen as self-destruction of inspirations. Despite the fact that it might feel like your career path is longer or harder than the others you're comparing yourself with. It does not matter that one person is getting high salary and promotion and just because of this you don’t deserve to be in the organization could be wrong choice of job change.  It’s only you who will touch the sky with attitude and strategies. 

Prioritize professional development over anything

Your profession achievement is your sole responsibility and nobody else's. Try not to expect that somebody will help you to organize and work towards improvement—even your reporting manager. Keep in mind that learning from mistake (of yours and others)  is more profitable than intelligence. Have a record of your projects, results and exercises learned in a work diary which can enable you to learn and improve almost every time. You may have mentors and coaches, however the best you cannot  improve skills just by reflecting and working on them. The best way to adjust your behavior to achieve a perfect tomorrow.


Professional Recruitment in Africa is one of the important topics among the professionals. Two factors which play a crucial part in the trend are learning and development of the workforce. Employees from the first day of the job are curious to get promotion. When there is so much of competition between the colleagues how can you sustain a healthy work profile? Many employees are not much aware about professional development and how it works? Top MNCs have structured work profile starting from an executive and ending at CEO designation.

A person who follows growth mindset in their personal and professional life seems to be more productive in terms of engagement, problem solving, and into taking risks. These employees experienced most growth and long run benefits.

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