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Angola is also called as the “Kuwait of Africa” the reason behind this name is its rich inhabitant of oil and gas industry. The country is located in the south corner of Africa and having the largest city as its capital called Luanda. Most of the population speaks Portuguese. People looking jobs in Angola can target specific jobs industries not only for the handsome salary but also for experienced in different career domains.

Oil and gas jobs in Angola

Angolan oil and gas industry is divided into three sectors based on set of operations from taking oil from earth to distribute to end users.

a. Upstream ( processing Oil from earth)

1. Land agents

Required Skills - problem solving, excellent communication skills, and knowledge in law

2. Geoscience Professionals

Required Skills – Commitment to Quality, Professionalism, Project, Time Information and Data Management Skills

3. Safety Managers

Required Skills - Verbal and Visual Hazard Communication skills, Team management skills, Training and learning skills

b. Mid-stream (collecting, storing and transporting the raw product to the refineries

1. Design Engineer

Required skills- IT and CAD knowledge, Analytics and Numeracy Skills, Problem solving skills, Team Management skills

2. Control Centre Operator

Required skills- Excellent Communication skills, Instrumentation and Engineering Skills, Work under pressure

c. Downstream ( refining the raw products into petroleum products and distribution of end products)

1. Petrochemical Engineer

Required skills - Scientific and mathematical Skills, Knowledge of handling and refining petroleum products

Technical Jobs in Angola

Technical jobs or engineering jobs are very popular in the country. With the set of some skills , knowledge and proven work experience you can get jobs in Mining, Jobs in engineering and Jobs in refineries with noticeable paychecks.

The list of Available jobs options in Technical field are-

• Backend operations

• Customer Service Operations


• Data analytics

• Front end operations

• Machine handling

• Inbound Process


Teaching Jobs in Angola

Teaching profession needs patience and knowledge. Apart from teaching skills you need to have caring attitude throughout your professional life.

Required Skills- Communication and listening skills, Subject knowledge , Friendliness, organization skills and overall work ethics skills.

Construction Jobs in Angola

Required Skills - Strength and Stamina, Building and Mechanical Knowledge. Coordination Skills, Written and Oral Communication skills, and Critical Reasoning Skills

Angola Hospital Jobs

Required Skills- Industry knowledge, Leadership Skills, Critical Thinking skills, Relationship Building skills, Ethical Judgment skills and Adaptability skills.

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