Top 10 features of the best job portal across the globe

08-Dec-18 Job Posting
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While looking for a job we always think about which is the best job portal and many times we go for the one which is popular. But did you ever think twice that this rat race could not be so good for your career path? We should know that while looking for a job we must understand which job portal is providing the best features so that it can attract potential candidates and of course the best recruiters. AfricaOnJobs is the platform which helps the job seekers and the candidates to complete their respective goals while fulfilling each other's needs.

With this blog we will highlight the best features that a portal must have, in order to attract a more targeted audience towards the platform.


1. Paid or Free?

Yes, this is the first thing that comes to mind. Many recruiters and candidates don’t want to pay while they are looking for candidates or for jobs respectively. In order to minimize the cost recruiters often select the free job posting websites to hire the candidates. Well, this is true in the case of around 80% of the companies.


2. Market Reputation

The most important parameter is to judge the job portal's name and fame in the current market. Commonly highly reputed websites are paid but on the other side many are still providing free registration introductory features which enable the companies and the candidates to effectively utilize the benefits.


3. Data on the website

The most important and crucial part of any website, good data is the backbone and when there is really good information and job listings it attracts the most active and passive candidates across the country. The data is called satisfactory when it originated from a genuine and authenticated source.


4. Blog and information page

The portal must have blogs and information pages as a way to redirect the candidates and recruiters to the idea of current market trends. The information must be for the audience to make a strong base of knowledge in the mind of the web visitors.


5. Companies listing

How many companies are registered with the portal is also important. As they will be the ones who are going to post the vacancies so when it comes to companies and recruiters listing it must be of quality and quantity.


6. Authenticity

Information, job listings, company profiles, candidates’ information and features must be authenticated. Audiences don’t want to waste a single minute on any false information and if they do so they probably won’t come back to the website link.


7. Quality service

Your web visitor is impatient and this is because of the competition in the market. In order to maintain and develop new bonds with the virtual audience the company and the team must be able to provide quality of service. 24/7 genuine customer support and politeness towards the visitors is highly  appreciated.


8. User friendly

The job website must be user friendly and if not forget about the audience. It must be that simple that even 5 year old kid can easily operate the webpage without any guidance. Use of simple words and images, quick links and more makes a Web page user-friendly.


9. Social Media presences  

This is true if you are not present in the social media then there are chances that you may take ages to be popular. The media presence creates image like the best job portal and works as a promotion for the company and its products. The reason behind this is that companies can target the age group, gender and location wise candidates.


10. Interview and job posting tips.

There must be latest information about current trends related to interviews and job posting tips. Smart candidates look for best interview tips to excel in interviews while on the other hand the recruiter seeks ways of positing smart job descriptions.


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