Tips for managers to effectively implement performance reviews

31-Oct-19 Employees Welfare
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When we talk about jobs in Africa, An employee is reviewed to analyze his performance. These reviews help to establish a good level of communication between the managers and employees. They let the employees open up about feedbacks and grievances at work.


Some tips enable employer companies in Africa to carry out the assessments easily. There are some tips that managers can implement for effective performance reviews:


1.    Do preparations in advance

Every manager should put effort to plan for performance reviews in advance. There should be a system and a well laid down process in every organization.


You should arrange an employee’s file copy and have it in your possession before review. Take all the information from the supervisor and co-workers of that employee. Let the employee know about the review in advance and give him time to prepare.


2.    Use motivating communication


You should talk to the employee with compassion and support. You should drag them down and avoid words that could hurt their self-esteem. 


Ask for their opinion too, they should also feel as if they are participating in the whole process.

Make sure that you also share positive aspects of the performance reviews and don’t let them down.


3.    Give them adequate examples

Before the performance reviews, have examples prepared related to success and failures.


As a manager, you will be successful in setting benchmarks if you give them examples. It also signifies that you have a keen for others’ achievements and fallbacks.


4.    Performance reviews should be a continuous process


The employees should go through regular performance reviews in place of the annual ones. Managers must work forward to develop those expectations.


There can be some advantages to this method:

Employee performance can adjusted in minor ways instead of pushing that individual for mammoth changes that can get difficult to implement for any employee.


As a manager, you can find and assess any signs of employee performance deviating from the fixed standards and take appropriate steps to bring it back.

In this way, a manager understands his employees in a much better way  It also encourages good teamwork among all the individuals.


5.    Analyze the impact of these reviews:


Has the employee improved on his performance after the review or it has fallen after the review?

Have employees gained some confidence or they are shy about few things.

Are employees quitting their roles and jobs after the reviews?

Has the overall teamwork increased?


Employee reviews’ don’t have an objective to point out the bad ones among all the employees. They establish a benchmark and a standard for promotions, salary raise, team performance assessment, etc.


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