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18-Dec-19 Job search
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Several free job posting websites allow people to find a new job. After getting a job, you are filled with excitement. There is also a lot of confusion to start new things. You have a good intention but you are not familiar with the rules of the land. Hence, you end up making unintentional mistakes. 


People are actively searching for new jobs in Africa. When they land one, there would all kinds of confusion that would be going around when you are new to the job. You may enter the wrong meeting room, address wrong people, you can goof up names of significant people around you, email wrong people, etc. People might ignore these errors as you are relatively new at the job but you would often find yourself in these embarrassing situations if you don’t consider these details. 


1. Often forgetting the names of your co-workers


A person may think that this is a trivial issue and ignore it. Our first reaction to this kind of statement would be to skip the issue. But this is more serious than it appears. 


Mispronouncing co-worker's names and then apologizing for the same won’t make things smooth. People don’t take this lightly when you repeatedly make the mistake. Saying someone Michael again and again, when his name is Stephen, will bruise his self-esteem. At some point, he is going to correct you and that would land you both in a situation of discomfort. 


If you keep doing this with several people around you, you will be finding yourself short of friends in the working space. You often need the support of these people in adverse and challenging situations or to learn new things in your job. 


  2. Trying to be a HERO around your new team 


  • When I started my previous new job I became supercharges and thought I could change and improve every other thing around me. I thought I can change processes and find the shortcomings in the procedures and would emerge as a hero. 


  • I used to speak about things without a second thought without even realizing the fact that there are people working for several years before me in that organization and I am a newbie. 


  • When you start boasting about your talents and your knowledge and your insights could change the existing way of operations. You become an annoyance for people around you and you lose all the respect they had for you. Infect, they might repent hiring you in the first place. 


  •  You need to realize that the existing team that was there before you must have faced a lot of errors and failures in their tasks and hence, these things determine their way of operations. You should control your urge to shout out suggestions way too often, especially when you are a new member of the team.


 3. Not speaking up when required


 You must be going nuts after reading this completely contradicting statement now. And to be honest, this isn’t your fault after all. Let’s talk about casual get-togethers. People and co-workers appreciate a smiling face around them. If you are too conservative and an introvert. Your fellow workers may think twice before speaking up to you. But if greet them with a smile and display a positive body language that invites them for a casual conversation. They may not think twice to invite you for a coffee or a beer at the end of the day. 


There is a balance that you should maintain in a new job. You should develop the judgmental ability to speak up and to stay silent that suits your new position at the company. 


If you make unintentional errors, boldly accept them because you are new and try your best not to repeat them. Ask people for suggestions, so that you can learn quickly about the office procedures and way of working at your new place. 


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