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29-Oct-18 Job search
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The job posting is the powerful and most impactful job search tool which has the ability to attract the world-class applicants for your job vacancy role. With free job posting sites employers can create the best opportunity for the job seekers to be the part of your work culture.
Employers must be very careful when while writing the posting as if done wrongly can drive them far away. Employers often think how to make it more lively and representative to attract more and more candidates. With this piece of writing, we will highlight facts that hiring managers and employers could consider when posting jobs online.

1. Avoid Up-to-the-minute "job titles"

Employers use trendy job title in order to show the cool background of the organization, but this could be the turn off for various job seekers as it creates confusion and also could not help in the optimized job search result.
When candidates begin to start the job search they try to make it more direct and the job titles with more specific and industry-related keywords perform well in the search result. Considering the industry related keywords could be the best option for creating a job vacancy.

2. "Too lengthy" a BIG no

We know that a job post includes various key points like job title, job description, company background, and other important stuff but writing too much detail about each could create confusion in the minds of the candidates and sometimes they overlook the posting as too much information is provided.
Employers must be very precise and to the point, so it could be simpler to understand and the candidates can relate to it. To capture the job seeker interest employers can use bullet points and even some pictures so as to create a direct impression of the message.

3. Please "avoid" being too selfish

Employers think that while they are offering the job and good money they can expect the ideal candidate for the job role. They often use words which could lift the eyebrows and also the candidates can directly put that offer into the trash. They need to understand that they are going to hire the candidates, not a machine so the job and responsibilities section must be well written as to create a positive impact in the mind of the job seekers.
Remember top talent has a good option available, in order to create a good impression the employers must use the good choice of words and the candidates will also seek
-   The job role future opportunities
-   The company culture and environment
-   Salary and benefits related to the job offer.

4. Remove the negative phrases from the" job description"

Employers includes these words in the description “must have 4 years of experience” or “need not to apply” which could create a wrong impression and most of the time candidates avoid these types of jobs which are so choosey, Writing a good JD can be the game of words the employers can rephrase the words with “Apply now” or “proven certificates for the experience”.


5. Put your legs into the shoes of the "job seeker"

Employers during the job post creation must think like a job seeker, this actually works it provides them more good ideas for creating more attractive job post and also give them edge and reason why to click for the same posting.
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