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19-Oct-18 Job search
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Decide what job matters to you? There are many jobs which can pay bills and other ones can fulfill your career. No wonder there may be a huge distance between jobs and dreams. Now the world is changing every day and life too. Perhaps you need to build more meaning to what you are doing now and what you can improve? Job sites in Ghana are focusing on improving the ratio and also helping candidates to get full time jobs in cities like Accra and Cape Town,

With this blog we are going to highlight some important tips for job search:-

Identify you and your skills 

If you start looking inside the job description after looking at the title of the job post then you need to change this habit. The best way to search for a job is to look with the skill set instead of the position. By this you will be able to give a self-check for the job and also your personality. As job titles are different from company to company, the skills help in matching with your expertise.

Choose Wisely

Applying to every job offer does not make sense and also a time wasting activity. It is always good to narrow down your job search and apply to positions which sound good and you can easily get fit into. You need to always do some homework to ensure the company background check and need to take ideas about the values, mission and culture of the company. If you have friends working in the same organization then you can definitely take their advice about the company and its culture.  

Resume check and customization before sending it to the company 

The best resumes can easily give an sharp edge competition to other job seekers, with this the probability of getting hired increases when candidates tailor their resume according to company needs. So when you are applying for the next job vacancy, try to make necessary changes in your resume as to give an advantage over others in front of the hiring managers.

Take some time to accept the job offer

You must be thinking why to wait? Well this is also very important; first send a formal thank you letter to the HR manager for giving this opportunity. Now it is going to be more important to carefully consider the job offer and its benefits. Some time you need to negotiate on various other things related to the salary and allowances Do not hesitate in doing it as they have shown interest in your profile it means you are best among the others. So self-check gives a good measure to answer all related questions.


Searching for a new job could be stressful as you may encounter with hundreds of jobs online for which you are eligible now the main point is which one is the right choice to choose that fits with your requirements. To help, AfricaOnJobs is providing a platform which helps in matching candidates to the most suitable jobs online and the best part of the picture is that you will get 100% verified employers and companies which definitely narrow the job search into the right track. 

We hope these tips will help you in your next job search. You may upload your resume on AfricaOnJobs to get hire easily in top companies around the globe.

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