Knowledge of Tech skill can actually save your jobs in Africa

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24-Sep-19 Career Advice
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As technology and media channels of various organizations are evolving, African jobs

companies are looking out for employees with multiple skills that also include tech skills. Most of the people doing executive jobs in Africa know how to use Ms. Office software. But they need to have a bit more familiarity with tech skills. 


This doesn’t mean that you should have IT skills or you should be working as a developer. It implies that a person should be tech-savvy regardless of the career he or she is pursuing. There are some instances where employees can stand out if they are good with tech skills. 


1. Writer

There was a time when a typewriter was the source of bread and butter of the writers. But we aren’t living the era of typewriters anymore, today we work on modern computers and the internet. People access information, blogs, articles ,etc through internet websites and social media. A writer should be able to publish blogs on CMS (content management systems) like Wordpress and Joomla. A writer could also use some skills in designing the blog or article image. 


2. Customer Service Representative

People don’t back to supermarkets and shops to complain about the product. They would just post in on social media and if not handled properly, it could end up as an embarrassment for the organization. Customer service representatives should be able to operate the company’s customer service portal and database with ease. Having adequate knowledge about the tech can alleviate your chances of promotion and survival within the company. 


3. Human Resource Executives:

There was a time when job posting was limited to print media. With the advent of digital mediums, gone are the days of print advertising for jobs in Africa. Masses are using social media platforms to search for jobs and it promotes increased engagements. Apart from posting on job portals RHR


HR executives also need to post on social media channels as companies have started reaping results from the reach of the digital media. Candidates not only visit the websites of the job posting companies through social media platforms but they also share it with their know groups, leading to more applications. 


4. Marketer

Marketer’s job duties are limited to just managing a group of salespeople. As discussed above, companies are taking the support of digital marketing mediums to penetrate various geographies and they are extending their reach to unprecedented levels. These digital marketing campaigns are measurable to single penny spent and can be modified anytime. Digital marketing also requires creating an image and info-graphics. Basic designing skills along with expertise in different social media platforms can ensure the survival of a marketer in a competitive job market.







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