Importance of a Job Description while posting new Jobs in most popular job site

09-May-18 Job search
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Job Descriptions are the most significant tool for Human Resource. Creating the better job description often results in determining how critical the job is, how this specific job relates to others and identify the features needed by a new employee filling the job role. A job description usually outlines the essential skills, experience, education and training required by a potential employee. It will spell out responsibilities and duties of the job. Job description when arranged, can serve a basis for applicants screened, orienting the new staffs and finally in the job performance evaluation. Job description while posting new Jobs in the most popular job site can be helpful tools for both legal and practical reasons. However, practical reasons weigh strongly in flavor of having them. For instance, job descriptions can be beneficial tools to tell staffs exactly what tasks you expect them to do. Job descriptions may also address quality of standards, or even work directions that apply to a specific job.

Job descriptions in the most popular job site are helpful in that they:

  • Give a clear Picture of the Job duties and responsibilities to candidates for a particular position.
  • Provide a clear and concise understanding of job position roles and how they help the company to grow.
  • Accurate descriptions help employees to create goals for job advancement.
  • Make boundaries regarding employees’ duties and tasks.
  • Justify an employee’s pay.


Without such clear infrastructures, employees may not perform able to perform and meet your expectations. Job descriptions are the most important piece of documentation a recruiter must have, when using job websites in South Africa. Why? They prevent grievances and increase productivity. Moreover, they clarify communication between employee and employer, and they are critical in supporting nearly every single employment action, including hiring, promotion, discipline, compensation, and termination. Out of this we get, 99.9% regarding work issues wouldn't take place if there had been clear guidelines from the beginning. The core areas that should be included in writing Job Descriptions:

·  Job Title:  


It should reflect the job nature. It should also be enough for employment and in harmony with same jobs in the similar industry.

·  Job Responsibilities:  

Ideally the list of job duties and responsibilities associated with a specific position should include a percentage, to give an understanding of how much one would be expected to handle. It is also significant to keep this section brief.

·  Competencies and Essential Skills:   

Listed separately, ‘Skills’ would be the actions one has learned through qualification and experience earned. ‘Competencies’ are the key traits we expect one in this job post to show.

With accurate job descriptions, it will help in better understanding of the experience qualification and skill base needed to enhance the company growth and success. So, whether you are a candidate who is applying for the job, the staff who is already in the office or the management itself, it is beneficial to if the job description is clearly mentioned to each and every one. Perfectly crafted job descriptions have been proven beneficial as it offer a defense against penalties of employment discrimination beyond the hiring process.

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