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20-Mar-19 Job search
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Getting into a new job could be a tedious task and needs continuous effort to nail the opportunities. According to a survey of African Employment and labor statistics, an average of 8 out of 10 candidates finding jobs in Ghana takes around 2-4 months to get into the new job. This time period is quite long and many of times job seeker feel demotivated due to various tasks during the activity.

1. Take breaks to rejuvenate

Every day when you are doing something related to job search, going to interview meetings almost every day could be time taking and tiring activity. You may end up losing concentration from the dream and sometimes you may start searching for jobs which are not suitable for you.

What you need to understand is that the most ideal approach to manage a task is to take a drop of for a couple of days. It may be your preplanned free days—where you get a break from resumes, letters, and inquiries - this will help you reestablish your drive in a rejuvenate way . By taking a couple of vacation days increases the capacity to refocus and helps to handle the upcoming interviews properly.

2. Choose smart options

The majority of people invest all their energy essentially in applying for jobs on the web. That’s absolutely a good and fastest way to do so but the choice of the best job portals in Africa is one of the smartest ways to do so.

By networking and reaching out to hiring managers at companies that you want to work for, you are inquiring about open job positions in Ghana that may not have been posted, and working much smarter. There will be far less competition for these openings, not to mention, you'll have contact at the company and a much better shot at getting the interview.

AfricaOnJobs will help you to connect with HR supervisors of the organizations that you are looking to work for. In the end, it does not matter how differently you have reached success the main thing is you reach it.

3. Follow the to-do list unfailingly.

Candidates searching the latest jobs in Ghana must follow the to-do list. It is the best strategy to make a list of all the small and big things you want to see in the next 2 years. Putting things on the list will force you to think of ways to achieve them and there are chances you can improve the list with time. Putting things on the paper gives ideas on how to achieve milestones. From the initial job position to the higher level of designation you will find hidden ways to discover more.

4. Seek constructive feedback

Your well-wishers can likewise be your most supportive feedback. You can get it from a previous associate/ co-worker, a teacher who had confidence in you, and who just tells all of your positives and negatives. After which you will know your maximum capacity and how you could improve. After which you will have a feeling that you are going to do in your next interview.

Its important to understand where you are lagging, regardless of whether it is with your resume or your interview skills. Based on their feedback, look into your qualities and shortcomings and they can give particular, legitimate guidance to do much better.


Quitting current job is not a good idea before getting an offer letter of a new job. The process can take resources of time, money and effort. Along with this it could be brain tiring and can make you feel not so good. AfricaOnJobs has come up with these strategies to be an organized job seeker with a good amount of motivation.

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