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Top recruiters always seek quality candidates rather than quantitative ones. Companies prefer candidates which are good learners as it not only saves the training time but minimizes the cost of expenditure. Job seekers must understand the fact that to get jobs in Accra or any other African city they need to be smart. Research proves that an intense training program can help newly hired employees in a good way, but on the other hand it takes time, effort and money which are not affordable for many of the organizations.
Solid Work Ethic
Professionalism is the key to success. You need to follow ethics not only in professional life but in personal life too. Companies prefer to hire candidates who have a strong work ethic and follow them religiously. If ethics are solid at the top management then it is surely copied through by others.

Some of the examples are

• Work integrity
• Sense of discipline
• Team work

Positive Attitude

Positivity is a factor which can easily be sensed when you are knowingly or unknowingly interacting with people. Positive attitude not only increases the chance of good behavior but also with this quality work related or people related problems can be solved. An organization prefers to hire people who are positive about others and most importantly about life.


Communication Skills

Communication is the key to interacting with the people around you. Good communication is not only a good command over the language but also includes a proper way of talking, choice of words, and how to handle a good conversation. In todays world an effective communication includes several mediums like verbal, email, text messages and body language. Listing and providing feedback are also a crucial part of it.


Time Management Talent

You have deadlines to beat, but you do not know how to manage time. Do you think its going to help the organization? To build a well versatile aura of your personality you need to learn about what priority is and what can wait. Do not worry about the number of pending projects but have a quick understanding of what is more important to do on the calendar rather than putting it in for the next day. It has been observed that various job vacancies in Kumasi have clearly mentioned this specific job skill in their descriptions.


Problem-Solving Skills

Are you part of the solution or just the other one to make it bigger? We all want to be problem solvers but to deed the need we need to think differently. Companies prefer to hire candidates who are good in providing solutions no matter if they need improvement but what matter is your ability to understand the situation and come up with the best solution.

Team Player

The power of team players is much more than individual thinking. Everyone wants to go to a higher level in their career and this is only possible if you are a good team player. As a talent they can win the game, but when it comes to team players they can win a championship.



“I can do it” is self-confidence, “only I can do it” is over confidence. We all make mistakes but the one who learns from it will never lose a chance to do it correctly next time. Its good to be confident and we all like confident and motivated people. So next times when you go for a job interview you know how to handle the situation.

When you are looking for a dream workplace or want to excel in your current employment graph, then you need to work out your skills and need to assess your performance along with nurturing the areas of improvement to build a well-demanded career in Ghana or any part of the world.

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