How to effectively utilize the free job posting feature of AfricaOnJobs?

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22-Dec-18 Job Posting
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How does job portals are attracting the employers and candidates?


Recruitment is like magic and this process require skills, Employers always seek cost effective techniques like free job posting and free job portals to hire candidates without compromising the quality of candidates.


When the job portal provides the latest recruitment tools like candidate profile search options, authenticated and updated resume, effective screening techniques and company advertising features then automatically become the most preferable job portal for the HR management of every organization.


On the other hand, a candidate searching for the top online job portals Web pages to get the best job offers. Here nailing the situation AfricaOnJobs serves both employers and candidates in an efficient manner.


The front webpage of the free job portal showcases jobs in different African locations like Durban, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somali, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Morocco, Lagos, Cairo, Kinshasa, Luanda, Nairobi and several more... So the candidates can target the job as per their desired location. Not only location but also they seek the company background and the job vacancy they are hiring for.


Lets have a look on 21st century Job apprentice


Ways before when you are going to post free job ads with AfricaOnJobs for your next job offer from your organization. Lets look to meet modern job search candidates. Nowadays the job seeker is not only going to one place for an interview but now they are more active in searching for a job than ever before.


AfricaOnJobs is still the number one choice for active and passive job seekers aside from this they are also seeking opportunities for their social media accounts. The active job seekers are spending on average around 14 hours a week, all thanks to smartphones and laptops.


How does HR of the organization collect and review applicants profiles on AOJ?


After registering on the job portal you can quickly scan the overall impression of the applicant and can do comparison with the requirements for the same designation. An online job portal with a tracking system suggests the best candidates for employers to make the flawless recruitment. Various parameters like qualification, experience and skills are the areas of concern for hiring authorities.


After that the profile statement and background check came in the picture. Many HR executives pay special attention to the updated profiles as it is an indication that the candidate is actively looking for a new job. This is the job for less than 2 minutes. Yes, you are right it takes less time than cooking noodles.


What other options are available to post free job ads in Africa?


Mainly job seekers seek other options to advertise their jobs to the audience, in this case the best practice is to use the social media account of free job posting  websites. This keeps the cost of advertisement low and also has the capability to share your jobs with the best connections.


Apart from social media the other alternatives are sharing it with colleagues and open for reference from the team.


AfricaOnJobs is the renowned name in the recruitment industry. Hiring a candidate or whole team can be effectively done when you advertise your job vacancy on the free job posting platform.


When you create an employer account we make sure that your job vacancy gets more eyes on your job listing. With your free job posting ads on AOJ, we integrate the best use of technology to fulfill your recruitment needs.


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