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24-Nov-18 Interview
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Practice makes a man perfect and when it comes to job interviews this saying is very true for it. The top career website has come up with the best interview tips which make interviewing a cake walk for fresher and experienced candidate. We understand that searching for a job could be fun or stressful activity for different candidates. The key of getting into a job is skills and preparation. It needs energy and strategy to search for the company its offer and get prepared for it. AfricaOnJobs is a renowned job portal in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and many other parts of Africa. With this blog our team of experts will highlight the most frequently asked questions with their best possible answers
As a job seeker you must be wondering “why is there a need for an interview?” To answer this we must tell you that interview clearly demonstrates your ability and values which you may be contributing to the companies goals. Lets have a look at some of the best interview questions you may be facing in your next interview.

Question- “Tell me about yourself”

Answer- First of all I would like to thank you very much for giving me such a nice opportunity, myself Jack* and I belong to Ghana*. I am interested in activities like photography, reading and playing with pets. I am currently working as a senior executive at ABZ Company. Now I am interested in getting a new job to uplift my career path.

Question-  Why we should hire you?

Answer- To answer this I need to tell you about my work ethics. I believe in quality and optimum results and in the career of 3 years I have hardly missed any of my deadlines. I am honest, simple and direct to my work and to my colleagues. I believe when I get the chance to work for your organization I will be serving my best capabilities to align with your business goals.

Question- What is your greatest strength?

Answer- My simplicity and truthfulness. I believe in keeping life simple and thus this makes my personal and professional life two different entities. I never come to the office with my personal things in mind and vice versa.

Question- “What is your weakness?”

Answer- *Try to put some positive behavior as your weakness.
In my day to day life I trust people easily and with this I have gone through various ups and downs. It cost me a hard time when I trusted the wrong person, to overcome that I started talking to my close friends and family members before making any decisions related to monetary benefits.

Question- “Why are you leaving your job?”

Answer- I love my current job but when it comes to career advancement I am looking forward to being more efficient in different types of work. When I got the offer from your company I felt I could do this and thats why I am looking for a better opportunity.

Question- “What are your salary expectations?”

Answer-  * If you are looking at $35,000 p.m.
I am looking for a salary bar from $35,000 to $40,000 instead of saying it $30,000 to $40, 000 p.m.

Question- “What is your notice period?”

Answer- Tell the exact notice period and say clearly that you are not sure whether it is negotiable or not because it is totally the decision of your current company employer.
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