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12-Mar-18 Job search
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Good career selections are really important early in your career because you can set yourself up on the success ladder. Even though you might end up in an entirely different career, the people you meet and the skills you acquire are what will open the doors for you. When it comes to choosing the right career path, sometimes it feels like you could use all the tips and advice you can get.

From finding the “right” job to excelling in it, there is undoubtedly a lot to learn. That’s why we have collected the best career advice. So, what are the secret gems of career tips that can change a mediocre career into a rock star one? The following are great pieces of career tips that can help you to get ahead in your careers:


     Start thinking your career as a series of experiences

The most positive and intelligent way to look at your career is not how long you stay with one boss or company. You need to gather relevant experiences throughout your careers, whether that is with four employers or nine, with one business function. The concept here is that you need to be a lifelong learner if you wish to succeed, want to make an impact and feel accomplished. The experiences you have gained will give you new perspectives and make you a motivating person.

     Give attention to your professional success rather than happiness in your career

 It sounds weird to tell someone, but Why? The key reason is that often times, the company you work for could care less if you are satisfied and happy with what you do. Your employer is only interested in outcomes, which is the sole thing you should be concerned with. When you will start focusing more on results in your career, then you’ll make more money. When you earn extra money, you are going to enjoy your personal life a lot more. Therefore, rather than trying to find happiness in your career, shoot for better results and job productivity instead. 

      Don’t pick out any job you’re not passionate about

Many people are seeking jobs in Africa just to pay their bills and that isn’t the greatest advice as research reveals that you won’t last long there if you do. Moreover, no smart company is going to hire somebody who is only there to make money for the reason that there is always someone else who wants it more. So, when you are passionate about your job, you are enthusiastic, you work longer hours and end up achieving much more. Life is too short to settle down for a job that you hate!

    Treat your job search in Africa like career

If you are hunting for latest jobs in Africa, then act like your job search is your job. Create task lists, keep a schedule and execute them, and do everything you would do if you had a job. If you are putting out CV and scheduling interviews, then that sort of confidence comes out when you sit down for an interview and talk to a recruiter. If you are seeking for a successful career in Africa, however, is currently working, then do not act like you are sneaking around. Stand properly and show a positive attitude and give strong handshakes when you walk through the door of a recruiter.

       Take risks in your career

The important lesson the economy has taught us is that not taking risks is often risky. If we just keep doing what we did in the past years, we cannot get ahead. So, by taking a little risk, you are putting yourself in a position to explore yourself and learn, whether you fail or succeed.

    Impress Managers with well-crafted Resume

Your resume reveals why you are best qualified for and eligible of the offered position. If you have had wide work experience, don't sacrifice highlighting your qualification, talents, skills, experience and expertise. Your resume should be custom-made for the specific job or full time jobs Africa you are applying for and every single job description should emphasize the skills that you have developed and will bring to the proposed role.


 You Should Dream Big

Don’t assume you must do this, that, and the other to acquire where you wish to get. You should dream big, you can do anything you want, but you have to have keenness, vision, commitment, and the know-how to get it done.

Just starting your new career is frightening; however, it’s an important time in your life. Let you make mistakes, and handle them gracefully. If you want to impress others with your work, admit to your mistakes, try out things to fix them, and learn from them, so you don’t make them again.

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