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20-May-19 Job search
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Africa is divided into 54 African countries and with the   availability of resources, technology, manpower and top companies South Africa is one of the leading and highly developed countries in the world.  According to a survey of international labor statistics around 16% of total employees in South Africa will get retire in end of the year. At this point, the economy will experience around 12%-15% rise for jobs in South Africa. This means fresher and more professional candidates will have the latest jobs in Cape Town, Jobs in Johannesburg, Jobs in Gauteng and also their will be online jobs in South Africa.   



2020* and 2022** are forecasted based on previous employment rate in the country.



Why is South Africa the most favorable country for world wide job seekers?

South Africa is a developed African country with a population of more than 4.5 million people in the region, and the country is providing opportunities in different industry domains. You can get Jobs in Mining, Jobs in Agriculture, Engineering jobs in South Africa, Jobs in IT, Jobs in Accounts and more. Several Research and Development careers in South Africa are quite popular among the people around the world. Those who live in the region have high per capita income. Various economic sectors like business and financial services, mining and supply chain contributes well in the economy.


What are the key requirements to find Latest Jobs in South Africa?

Every profession requires specific skills, education qualifications, certifications, qualities and work experience. To find the latest jobs in South Africa you need to prepare yourself and need to focus on some of the requirements which are essential for that particular job. For example, if you are looking for a job in Engineering then you need to have analytics and problem solving skills. On the other hand if you are looking for jobs in SA Tourism sector then you must have good communication skills along with extrovert behavior. So the key requirements are based on the type of job you are looking for. The best you can check with the job description given for the type of jobs. 



Where you can search the hot jobs in South Africa?

As for identifying a variety of jobs in South Africa, AfricaOnJobs has come up with a list of careers in demand in South Africa. These are the latest jobs in South Africa that are at large volume and companies are struggling to hire qualified candidates.



 1.      Consultant for Business Development (please add pictures according to profession)

Business consultant jobs in Cape Town South Africa are one of the most demanding careers. Several companies around the world are interestingly investing huge investments in the business economy. The job role of business development consultant is to procure the business in an efficient way. The scope is trending for 5 years and with the probability of maximum growth in the economy can be seen in next upcoming years.


2.      Healthcare Assistant

Healthcare jobs in South Africa are yearly increasing and students are very much interested to develop career in the Medical Field. You can find jobs in Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant jobs, physician jobs, and more. Health care companies always seek talented professionals and people who have expertise in the domain companies will pay considerable good paychecks.


3.      Lawyers and Attorneys

Legal jobs in South Africa are considered as the most demanding and mostly highly paying. Accordingly, companies hire these professionals for in-house company legal matters. On average, a Litigation expert can earn up to R655, 000 Per annum. This tempting salary and huge scope of career development make this career in the top most favorable jobs in South Africa 2019.


      4.      Engineering jobs in South Africa

Engineering jobs and technical careers are in continuous demand. Students learn engineering skills in different fields to have a well settled career in coming time.  The availability of thousands of jobs in Gauteng and in Cape Town are providing higher levels of engineering, software and developing positions.  The scope of telecommunication, mobile technology and internet of things are trending which led to job creation in the economy.


      5.      Mining

Mining jobs in South Africa can give you an average income of R410, 672 per annum. To get related opportunities in the region you need to have proper qualification (expertise in Mathematical domain), related work experience. Many of time either by visiting managers on site gives you referrals and it also helps you to easily figure out the best options.   




Now you have an idea about the most demanding jobs in South Africa, as a fresher you may be thinking about the job security and other important aspects of these jobs. For many year in past south Africa is home for people around the world and it will be. If you are looking for a job in Johannesburg, jobs in Cape Town, Jobs in Durban, Jobs in Pretoria, Jobs in Port Elizabeth, Jobs in Germiston, Jobs in Bloemfontein, or Jobs in East London then you can find the latest job offer at Africaonjobs

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