Do companies in Africa ignore mental welfare of the Employees?

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01-Oct-19 Employees Welfare
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A person in front of you can look alright but actually, he may be mentally sick or unstable from inside. That person could be anyone in and around your workplace. For instance, it could be your colleague, your best friend or your boss. There are numerous types of mental disorders. The most common forms are anxiety or fear of mental issues. Since these things are not physical these are often ignored or taken lightly by the ones around that affected person. This scenario is common across various jobs in Africa.

In our current work scenario, offices are buzzing with targets and deadlines. Everyone is rushing to make their ends meet. In the midst of it, the essence of emotional touch and understanding are somewhat left behind. Obviously, the job opportunities in Africa are scarce. As we are getting more attached to tech and the latest gadgets. We have lost the ability to comprehend the emotional distress of fellow colleagues. We have lost the skill to supplement them with courage in times of adversity. Apart from that, employers are mostly concerned about employees’ numerical achievements instead of showing some apathy for their mental and psychological issues.

Workplace mental dilemma

At the workplace, around 80% of the women are affected by mental disorders while 20-30% are men. While the totals work for impacted by mental issues is around 60%. These issues impact the productivity and performance of employees and also affect their personal lives. These mental issues are recurring in nature and often need professional guidance and treatment. Since they are not of physical nature. Employers tend to take them lightly and display their unwillingness to grant leaves for the same.

Also, there is fear and stigma among the workforce. Men especially are unwilling to share their emotional issues with anyone. The affected ones also avoid admitting that they are suffering from such a disorder to avoid embarrassing situations in the office, particularly. In addition to it, very few employees could muster the courage to apply for leaves and list the reason as a mental disorder. As they fear, they will be looked down upon. In various countries of Africa, people keep on working in spite of affected by the same issues as they possess a fear of not reaching the targets or not performing up to the expectations of the employer and also fear being ridiculed by their colleagues. Hence, they perceive it as a risky initiative.

Organizations in the modern times need to open up to the emotional and mental needs of their employees and treat them in a human way, rather than just a means to an objective. This could be equally beneficial for the employer as at the same time they could build their employer brand by taking adequate care of their workforce. 

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