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10-Oct-18 Job search
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The modern hiring strategy includes all the major platforms that could be used efficiently are meant to target by the top recruiters this includes most popular Job site, Employment Newspapers, Social Media and Job fairs. In order to create a good recruitment model, the top companies are searching and learning carrier tips and trends from

The purpose of recruitment could be different for the companies and each purpose required the different channel to reach the potential candidates. This could be considered to be the traditional recruitment method. The latest up-drift in the recruitment is provided by the technology and innovation in the job market, which is capable of handling all the recruiting channels efficiently. AfricaOnJobs the world-class name in the job market has proved its efficiency with fulfilling the job market metrics.
These methods help in developing the best practices from the initial process of the candidate to the final appointment letter. With the help of data and information, the employers may figure out the suitable candidates for the further screening and interview process. The picture has changed when the employers get really good profiles and that too with the exact information as our job a portal i.e. AOJ, which closely monitors the carrier path of each and every candidate and also helps the registered recruiters and the HR of the company.

In order to attract more applicants to the job vacancy, the hiring managers or the HR management can try these points.

1.   Exact and simple choice of words in the Job description

2.   Video interview could provide the plus factor for various other global applicants.

3.   Use of Employee referral brings more trust among the employees.

4.   Internet and Social Media recruitment

5.   Use of Mobile App technology to reach maximum candidate.

During the time of the interview, the HR can conduct a knowledge-based written test for the Job Vacancy, this could provide a better understanding of problem-solving skills of the candidate and also general awareness, aptitude or the other pre-required understanding can also be checked. The test could be the good decision maker for the next level of the interview.

The next level of the recruitment could be based on the type of personality, Company would not prefer to hire introvert people for the sales job, and with the help of questionnaire based on the type of personality the HR management could make the better decision in their recruitment method.
Once the candidates have been chosen for the job role the employers can provide the certificates or award to create a positive impression of the company in the eyes of the new employee. At the time of induction of the new employee, the company may conduct the health check-up which could be related to eyesight or blood group.  

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