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20-May-19 Job search
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Research reveals that Online Job Search Engine on an average collect 43% of all applications forms for current job openings. Further, Job portals may have the highest number of applications; the conversion-to-hire rates are also better behind other bases of the hire like employee referrals and company career sites. Though, employee referrals may only account for 7% of all job applications, however, they contribute nearly half of all genuine hires. Few studies show that Career sites, gather approx. 32% of all career applications, and account for 21% of all hires. Job sites, on the flip hand, only contribute 15-18% of all real hires. Does that mean job postings on the best job sites are numb? Perhaps not, in order to appeal and hire top talent more professionally, you need to diversify your hiring strategy and go beyond job postings.

How are recruiters building a talent pipeline by using best job sites?

Posting online job openings, whether to job sites or job aggregator websites is great even for SEO purposes when persons are searching for New Jobs in Africa or for information about the company. 

Clarity always counts -  

You need to be very clear, active and specific about required qualifications. When an aspirant reads your job description, they must understand if this position is for them. If there is any doubt, you will be inundated with CVs and applicants – the bulk of which may not be competent for the particular position. To avoid this, clearly, define and list credentials and experiences that are mandatory for the best jobs in Africa. This should include things like professional certifications, years of experience, and education levels.   

By using Industry-Specific job titles - 

Innovative job titles might seem like a smartest way to attract the qualified aspirants, but this can backfire: but they can keep the job posting out of search results. Think of it from a job hunter’s point. Instead, use generally known titles that are in-line using industry-specific job titles would be the perfect method.  

Keep it concise, short and simple - 

Stick to what is crucial, and don’t overwhelm the reader. The goal should be to make things clear and simple to read. So, where possible, use bullet points, short paragraphs and subheadings, to break up blocks and make the gap of text. It is also significant to use simple language; the more logical it is, the more you can grow your possible reach.   

Sell your brand in a unique way -

The reality is most of the candidates out there are already working. The new job posting on best job sites has to allure them enough to make a change. Therefore, you need to put a focus on the positives of the organization, including the salary range, the location of your office, the hours, vacation time and any other thrilling perks and profits you might offer. The vital thing to remember is not to shortchange the work itself.  

By avoiding cliches -

Best jobs in Africa catchy lines tend to be filled with descriptors like or “committed” or “hard-working” or “detail-oriented”.  However, the subjective nature of such words can create misunderstandings about what is essentially required for the particular position. In its place, use precise, objectively proven taglines (e.g. leadership skills proven by prior experience handling a team). It is important to use keywords that are linked with that kind of role.

Follow up who don’t respond -

There might be some aspirants to bite at the first cold outreach, but follow up candidates who do not respond is the perfect strategy.

For companies looking to stand out, the ideal recruitment strategies can separate you from the rest and build strong talent pipelines from the new position or New Jobs in Africa.


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