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07-Feb-19 Job search
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Either you are a fresher or an experienced professional you will find this blog very efficient while searching for a job in Kenya, South Africa , Nigeria and any other African country.

Know yourself

“What type of job will interest me?” “What kind of job will suit my profile?”  

You must understand clearly the pros and cons of a career you are going to step in and you must have a clear idea about your expectations and future goals before finalizing for a career. You are your own owner, you know your personality, merits, interest and other important things which others have no clue about. Along with this you also need to understand that the current market will not be the same after some years. So to be on the brighter side you must analyze and possess a great understanding of a career that you are going to step in.

You can make a list according to your preferences?

• Job Location

• Salary Range

• Type of Company

• Type of job Industry

• Designation

• Skills

Prepare your Job Search

The next step is to start searching for an opportunity. For example, if you are looking to build career in Kenya, then what could be the best way to reach the employers? Most importantly this phase is based on your skills, experience and education you carry in your CV. You can also start searching for a job online or you can also take help from placement agencies and your college placement cell. As you are clear about the things that what an ideal job looks like to you. You will select the offer which is qualifying your list and more precisely work hard to get into the one.

Market yourself

You must be thinking that you are not a commodity which can be marketed or can be sold. But my dear you are actually a product which can add value to an organization. Marketing yourself means that you have to prove in every aspect that you are the best to hire a candidate among others. In order to do so you must be thinking how you can do it? The best way to project your personality in the competitive market is to take help with cover letters and modified resumes. Yes this is the best way to reach top management even before your physical presence your resume will reach your potential bosses. Always try to make cover letters and resume as per the job requirements, no need to fake about skill try to take help of simple words and avoid any spelling and grammar errors.

Prepare for the Interview

If you have ever been into this stage then you must know the importance that why is important to prepare for a job interview. This could be the very best chance to impress your hiring manager and if you succeed in doing so you will have the job you are going for. We have come up with some points which may help you in preparing for the big day.

1. Rehearse in front of a mirror or with a friend so you would not be stuck during the actual interview

2. Take proper rest one night before and look fresh, smiling and energetic on the interview day.

3. Dress professionally and carry copies of your resume and cover letter.

4. Reach 10 minutes before the Scheduled time not before and not after.

5. Carry positive attitude and greet everyone you are going to be in the conversation.

6. Try to make eye contact with the interviewer and monitor your hand postures.

7. Avoid giving any false information about you and your previous companies.

8. Try to ask open-ended questions to the interviewer only if when asked

9. Give a gentle handshake when the meeting ends.

10. Follow up the HR for the feedbacks.

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