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28-Apr-18 Job search
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Career isn’t the only thing that affects happiness; however, it is where the person spends a big chunk of the life. The right career/ profession can bring you bouquet of happiness, joy and success. But whenever you make a poor decision, it can damage your happiness, success and prospects for so many years to come. Well, there are several best means to choose full time jobs in Africa and a suitable career than just following the parents' footsteps or deciding purposelessly. If you are puzzled and not sure which direction your career should go in or searching for job vacancies in Ghana & other countries, or you just want to feel fulfilled in your career path, these guidelines might help.


Here are some of the effective ideas and steps to manage your career in Africa:


Follow the right path as your Career guidance

The foremost step to become viable candidate is to develop an understanding of the right path and the skill sets crucial for the position. Simply doing some R &D (research and analysis) before shifting for Full time jobs in Africa can save your precious time as well as effort in your job search in African countries.

Determine your capabilities and talents

Knowing your natural talents and competencies is a key to choose the appropriate path. Determine what are your key skills, what you enjoy doing, and how those qualification and skills can be applied to a job. Be knowledgeable of the professional skills, technical skills and competencies.

  • Develop an inventory of your core capabilities, skills and core competencies.
  • Make note of any knowledge or skills that need to be enhanced.
  • Note down all noteworthy professional accomplishments and correlate them to your core proficiency list.

 Find a Mentor for your career direction
The best mentor can help give necessary career guidance advice. The handful of the companies has formal mentoring programs that connect business owners/ recruiters with mentors. A mentor can turn as a consultant and could help you take your career to the right track and to the next level and perfectly give you an inside view to ensure that you are on the right path.   

Job portals to discover the job search

Don’t rely merely on your professional network to discover job vacancies in Ghana & other countries. You can try the top Search engine for jobs that post new and appropriate openings. These portals function in a perfect way and gives you access to land up suitable job opportunities. These websites and job boards are always on the top when the job searchers start searching for new jobs.


 Examine Job Opportunities and find Jobs that best Fit
Before you can begin to plan your career goals, you need to take a self-assessment and examine job opportunities. Then look at the requirements and find Jobs that match you fully. Do this for each idea or area of ideas you came up with in steps one and two.  If you’re uncertain about the exact job you want to hold, this type of valuable information will give you more choices about your next move.

 Leverage Your Network to Success
Use the network to help you learn extra about the job option and new opportunities. Join professional networking groups like social media platforms. Ask professionals about their job and ambitions from your network list. When you find people doing the same or more senior versions of it, ask for all the vital information to learn more. Search for employers who run recruitment programs, too. 

Actively understand and Know how to market yourself

Regularly promote your online accounts presence. Be concise and clear on what you can do to market yourself. One of the key reasons is that it keeps you alert for new job opportunities that might be appropriate for you as you move towards your vision.

In short, we can understand there are no magic formulas to manage the career in Africa. It requires continuous efforts, smarts and insightful strategies. Just follow these essential and most effective steps if you wish to get manage and succeed within a few years. Once you have the idea, you can fine tune your search for the right career.


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