7 Tips to upgrade your resume for Senior-Level Jobs in Africa and Overseas

15-May-18 Job search
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Error-free writing, right colors, crisp content, appropriate keywords will go a long way in making the Resume/ CV stand out from the pool of applicants. Crafting a new resume is the foremost and the most important step to landing for Senior Level Jobs in Africa & Overseas. This is specifically significant if you want roles in the C-suite levels. These roles are in huge demand, so you need to show that you are the perfect fit for the similar executive role. No matter what sector or industry you may be applying for, well-crafted, keyword-rich, cutting-edge, and tailored professional Resume still matter.

Seven innovative and insightful tips for upgrading your CV/ resume:

As we all know- the First impression is the last impression. Your resume is the first thing that a potential employer will see, for this you need to ensure that skills and credential should be noticeable in a better manner. As you grow in your career path, you need to add skills and other things carefully to your professional CV. In the current economy, competition for C-suite positions is fiercer than ever and candidates face complete challenges. Below, we have mentioned few resume writing tips for Senior-Level Jobs that will help you land an interview for perfect Senior Level Jobs in Africa.  

· Pay Attention to the Format of the Resume that will give attention

Format and Design always matters. A concise, clear, smooth writing CV/ Resume just got enough panache to stand out from the crowd. Shading, color, boxes, tables, charts, icons and images can be valuable additions to your Resume, helping to make you stand out from the rest. Addition of a decent pop of color is the simplest means to spice things up without shaking the reader. Plus, a sleek and clean font gives a tightened-up presentation.

· Highlight core competencies, list “core skills”

To stand out from the crowd, try to ensure your core competencies — also specified as “areas of expertise“ or “core skills” — are listed in a simple-to-read format. In addition, make sure you choose proper skills that directly correlate with the particular position or Jobs in Africa you are applying for. Take a look at the JD (job description), if you have it, and tailor your resume accordingly. If done properly, this should complement your executive summary. 

· Smartly showcase your credentials in your resume

This is an effective strategy for any candidate, irrespective of how many years you have been in the field. Try to move your credentials and other experience, particularly the ones that match your position, to the top of your CV. This is usually the first place headhunters/ hiring managers will look, so having them on the top and front part ensures it won’t get skipped.

• Accentuate your passions and strengths

C-level personal branding is significant attribute any executive can have. Display it on your CV by highlighting your attributes, credentials, strengths, passions, and the value you bring to the table. Making your resume pop is critical in the job searching process in African countries, and personal branding can put you a step ahead of the crowd.

· Express your Previous achievements

Highlighting the past achievements is particularly important as a C-level professional, as you’re probably handling critical things like budgets, teams of people, Companies policies or department goals. Try to avoid a vague statement, be specific.

· Focus on your recent work experience

You have to mention your work experience in sequential format, as it shows your career growth throughout the years. Try to spend as much time as possible here, with your most recent or current job, including information that will show the recruiter what your role entails and what type of company it is (small? big? medium?). It will surely open the doors for Senior Level Jobs in Africa.  

· Remove Vague section, Limit Your Timeline

Your resume is an exhibition of your most recent work history. Be sure to modify your CV/ Resume and show how valuable you can be for the company you are applying for. Omit past experience that dates back further than 10-12 years unless it is important and relevant to the post applied. The key reason for this- They simply do not matter. Ensure that your resume is polished with appropriate keywords.

Try these innovative tips; you will be surprised at the outcomes. Always keep in mind that real and well-experienced people with particular sets of criteria are reading your CV. Try to read their mind by showcasing them the information they are looking for in a document. Make it simple to read for them to assess your “fit” for the particular job position and organization culture.  


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