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Your resume alone is an effective tool to get you shortlisted for an interview. Crafting an effective and impactful resume requires a lot of thought and arduous work. No matter what industry you may be applying for, nicely crafted, keyword-rich, cutting edge and customized Resume still works. Professional Resume writing service in Africa will help you craft your resume and stand out from the rest and maximize your chances of getting the job you deserve.


If your resume is not sticking out, no one is going to pay attention to it, which means you could lose out on a number of significant opportunities. Research also reveals that Hiring Manager/ Recruiters spend an average of only 6-7 seconds looking at an applicant’s resume before deciding whether they are suitable for the job. They spend 15-20 percent of their time looking for keywords related to the job, and they primarily focus on your qualification as well as current and previous positions.

7 Innovative tips to create your resume that stand out


Jobs in Africa can be very competitive, and you want to catch the eye of the recruiter by submitting a resume that instantly shows how you fit what the recruiter needs. Here are 7 effective ways to make your resume stand out from the Pile


 Modify your resume to fit the job description

This is an effective strategy for anyone to stand out from the rest, be sure to incorporate the important keywords in the job description and update your skills, titles and certifications that match the position’s needs. You should not be using the same document over and over again for different job application. Take the time to shape your resume specifically per job. Whether you change your key points to make your skills more relevant or use a different vocabulary depending on the industry, your resume should reflect that you're a perfect fit for that specific position.


 Smartly Pick A Right Format

This is a key way to make your resume stand out since there are so many applicants in the pile. Chronological format with right Color, boxes, shading, images and icons can be valuable additions to your Resume and it will work when you are ready making a career change. A clear look CV/ Resume noticeably got enough panache to stand out from the rest. Eye-catching infographic resumes are a principally effective way of presenting facts in an engaging format, but first make sure that such resume formats are suitable for the industry you are eager to move to.

 Accentuate the important skills

The beauty of a well-crafted resume is that it focuses on the core and competent skills you’re able to bring to the table – the ones the company you are applying to is looking for. To stand out from the rest applicants, make sure your core competencies as well as areas of expertise are listed in a simple-to-read format. Plus, ensure you choose appropriate competencies that directly correlate with the position or Jobs in Africa you are applying for. This is a better approach to make your resume stand out since many candidates won't be bothered to do this.


 Keep it concise, Omit Vague portion

Stick to the rule of clarity, clarity and more clarity. Focus on the specific skills and experience and how they relate to the company you are applying to. Cut excess and irrelevant section and let the facts you do choose really stand out. Just be sure to modify your resume to show how valuable an asset you can be for the company you are applying for. Try to omit previous experience that dates back further than 10-15 years unless it is relevant to the post applied.


Use appropriate keywords and power words

Using industry keywords will emphasize your accomplishments and will give an additional impact. According to U.S. News & World Report, the power and strongest words on your resume are always beneficial, as employers look for relevant key skills, experience, competencies, certifications, etc. You can take the help of Professional Resume writing service in Africa and use right words found in the job description, and spend some time researching the Company’s website you are applying for.


 Emphasise your accomplishments, not responsibilities

This is usually the first place headhunters will look, so put them on the top part ensures it won’t get skipped out. Instead of regurgitating your job description, focus on the accomplishments you have made. Describe the ways you have excelled in your profession. Regardless of how many years you have been in the field: mention your credentials and other experience, especially the ones that match your Jobs in Africa, to the very top of your resume.


Double-check for mistakes before hitting it

To make your resume stand out, proofread for mistakes before sending it to head hunters or recruiters. Before you send your resume, take your extra minutes to read it through. You need to make absolutely certain that there are zero errors. There should not be any extra mistakes or grammatical errors as it's not going to impress anyone. This final step is very important to stand out from the pool of the applicants.


Put these effective tips to craft a resume and better utilise Professional Resume writing services and you’re sure to end up at the top of the pile and find the Jobs in Africa!



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