6 Qualities to analyze for your job search

21-Aug-18 Job search
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Finding the job is easy but finding the right job is not so easy task, sometime many candidates response so quickly to the job offer and after that they regret it. With this blog we are going to identify to target the right job for your long run carrier growth.

Here are some key points you can ask yourself to help before your job search in Africa.

1) The type of personality of an individual.

This is going to be a self-check of your personality as nobody knows you better than you. For this activity you can ask any friend for the feedback. With the feedback you can analyze the things which you can work on so to be the better person in personal and professional life .This personality check is really important as it gives you an idea about your nature to be fit for what type of job could be the best suitable for you.  

2) List down the ups and down in your carrier path

Well this is highly important as it not only giving you a check about your responsibilities and achievement but also giving you an idea about your capabilities, List down your achievements try to relate it with your skills and when talking about the weakness you can analyze what went wrong and what could be done better to overcome similar problems if arises.

3) Feedback about your behavior

Personality check is important as it tell about the type of behavior of a person and about choosing a job for future it is highly recommend. An introvert person cannot be the best fit in sales and marketing so its really important to see the factor about you personality. This could be check with your close friends or colleague. It is not always easy to evaluate our own strengths. 

4) New job new responsibilities.

Just looking for a new job is not only the parameter but you also has to understand that the job you are going to be fit is going to give you so many new responsibilities. Your old job could be more relaxing as you were used to of the work. When we switch the job it comes with new responsibilities so are you ready to serve the need of your new job.  

5) Take time in delivery of the results.

As it the new job for you, so the employer also understands that you would be in need of sometime to get settled in the new job post. Quality is the key to impress and when quality comes with work the results are impeccable. Technology and Quality are different from each other but the necessary to be in sync.
Technology is something which shows you the way but quality is skill set you must follow.

6) Core Competency about your individuality.  

The moral value of a person defines what they are and what they will be. When you work in ways that matter, for sure you are going to enjoy it more and you will probably be better at it. The values of a person define the person background so it is important for an individual

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